Jolin Tsai declines to act alongside Jay Chou

The rejection was said to be the reason behind the pair’s stoic performance in Shanghai

On May 21, Taiwan's pop princess Jolin Tsai and singer Jay Chou reunited once more for the former's concert in Shanghai, China.

Although the couple had a face-to-face moment during their performance, their expressions were stiff and showed no emotions, as compared to their performance last year at Jay's The Era World Tour.

The track that Jolin and Jay had chosen to perform to -- 'Nothing Left to Say' -- also seemed to hint at the end of their relationship.

According to a Hong Kong tabloid, the reason behind Jay's stiff expression was due to Jolin's rejection of a movie role where she was supposed to act alongside Jay as his lover.

The report claimed that Vincent Fang, the director of the movie, had sent out an invitation to Jolin in March, hoping that she could join the production of his first big screen feature Ethnic Chinese.

However, after considering her current boyfriend Vivian Dawson's feelings and her own work commitments, Jolin turned down the role. She also did not want the media to spin more rumours about Jay and herself.

Following Jolin's rejection, Jay also expressed that he is not suitable for the leading role and would only be responsible for the music used in the film.

Commenting on the report, Jolin's manager admitted that they were contacted by Vincent, and that they did turn down the role. However, the reason was due to Jolin's busy schedule instead of what the tabloid had reported it to be.

Separately, Jay's recording company claimed that the singer was in a bad mood on May 21 - the day of his performance with Jolin - before adding that "it was just a performance" hoping that the public will not read too much into it.

Source: Xin MSN

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