Hebe Tien: S.H.E’s relationship will never change

The singer clarified that there is no animosity between Selina Jen’s fiancé and her

While promoting her new album My Love in Shanghai yesterday, Hebe Tien made a clarification expressing that "S.H.E. members' sister-like relationship will never change, "This is just the media's speculation. The relationship among us [S.H.E. members] will never change."

When asked if she will feel awkward when she meets Richard Chang in the future, the singer asked in return, "Why will there be awkwardness when I meet my best friend's family?"

Responding to rumours claiming that their ten-year-friendship was ruined by Richard, Hebe expressed her helplessness and revealed that she and Selina were tickled and cried at this rumour when they discussed about it on the phone, "How could it be reported in this way?"

Hebe emphasised, "Our sister-like relationship will never change as we love each other very much. Although there is a need for artistes to entertain the public, [I] hope that everyone would take this matter lightly."

On the other hand, when the media contacted Richard yesterday, the latter refused to comment on the matter.HIM International has also decided that Hebe will not be performing her new song "You" anymore.

"You" was intended to be dedicated to Selina and the song's composer Greeny Wu from Sodagreen posted an update on his microblog yesterday: "It's a pity, but couldn't help with it. I might sing it myself someday."

The status prompted a reply from Hebe, who wrote, "But... Because...", a reply which seems to be filled with helplessness and disappointment.

Apart from that, Selina also posted on her microblog: "Rumours are just like Satan. It has been their usual way to wait for an opportunity to strike and make use of every bit of it; I already put on an iron vest when I stepped into showbiz 10 years go. Do not bully those who love me." Selina posted a picture of a paper art she made, which symbolises that the relationship of all three S.H.E. members are tightly linked to each other.

Source: Xin MSN

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