S.H.E reunites over the phone

Members of the Taiwanese girl group Hebe and Ella called Selina at a product endorsement event

Taiwanese girl group S.H.E was once again appointed as the spokesperson for a renowned fashion label in Taiwan.

However, only Hebe Tien and Ella Chen turned up at the brand's promotional event yesterday.

The duo expressed that they were slightly disappointed because although S.H.E was supposed to endorse the brand together, band-mate Selina Jen could not attend the event.

Hebe and Ella then announced that they were making a phone call to Selina, causing the fans to go wild.

The trio sang Selina's latest single 'Everyone who loves me' over the phone. Their fans complimented Hebe and Ella for looking "pretty", and the pair jokingly replied, "They're good people, they know we're not bad."

Later, Hebe and Ella revealed that S.H.E will be filming a video for the brand early next year.

"We're looking forward to it. We missed the times the three of us spent together. Whenever we're together, we enter a world of our own. We have endless conversations. No matter if it's an album or movie promotions, if it's only one of us, we feel extremely lonely. However, next year's going to be a happy year," the pair said.

Hebe and Ella also let on that the three of them went to a KTV joint two nights ago to celebrate a friend's birthday. Selina was asked to sing many songs, because they wanted to hear the singer sing so badly. The pair also hoped Selina would return soon, so that they can hold a concert together.

When asked if it was taxing on Selina during her wedding in Changhua, Ella replied, "Selina had yet to recover fully, so she will feel tired when she overexerted herself. She's a person with strong willpower, and we're all happy for her because both weddings were perfectly done."

Ella also spoke on Selina's behalf, when the media asked about the latter's baby plans.

"She does not have any plans to get pregnant at the moment, because it all depends on her health. The doctor said that she had taken too much medicine previously, and it would take at least a year to detoxify her body. It's better for the baby that way," Ella commented.

Source: Xin MSN

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