Show Luo’s hard-partying Christmas

The Taiwanese singer were spotted with female companions, and had even attended a costume party

Taiwanese singer Show Luo was once advised by famed fortune teller White Dragon King to stay away from the opposite sex, should he want to enjoy 10 years of fame.

Despite the advice, Show was constantly rumoured to be dating many female celebrities, including Makiyo, Tia Lee and Amber An.

In July, the singer was photographed bringing a girl home for more than 10 hours. Since then, he had not been spotted with anyone new.

On Christmas Eve, after making a guest appearance at singer Elva Hsiao's concert, Show immediately rushed to a party at a night club.

At midnight, Show -- decked in a woolen hat and green baseball jacket -- attracted the attention of some merrymakers, and was immediately surrounded by three pretty ladies.

After his friends arrived, the singer was led to the VIP box in the night club Room 18, without have to join the queue.

An hour later, Show appeared at the night club Dazzling, and entered a room behind curtains. Laughter could be heard from within and women in various costumes were spotted entering and exiting the room.

The media waited until 3am, but did not see Show again.

Responding to the singer's party antics on Christmas, his manager explained, "It's been a while since Show last celebrated Christmas. Party Boy (Show's group of friends) and his dancers invited him, so he was there to experience it. The girls were friends of a friend. He left after a while, because he wasn't familiar with them."

Source: Xin MSN

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