JJ Lin's New Album: Lost N Found

Kicking off the year with a smashing start, JJ Lin releases his 9th album entitled "Lost N Found".

Packed with 12 songs which most of it he wrote himself including the very popular song "Love U U" which is the theme song for the movie with the same title.

After hearing some of the songs from the album, I would really recommend "學不會" (Never Learn) whose music video was released a few weeks ago. It is a very calming song and somehow will make you fall in love all over again.

Also, "故事細膩" (Romantic Mystery) is a great track especially with its fusion with French. Another song for me is "陌生老朋友" (Dear Friend) that features his soothing voice.

Over all, I find the album a really great buy. :)

My Rating: 9.7/10

 Track List:
  1. "獨奏" (Prologue)
  2. "學不會" (Never Learn)
  3. "故事細膩" (Romantic Mystery)
  4. "那些你很冒險的夢" (Those Were The Days)
  5. "白羊夢" (Aries)
  6. "靈魂的共鳴" (Variation 25: Clash Of The Souls)
  7. We Together
  8. Cinderella
  9. "白蘭花" (Streets Of Old Shanghai)
  10. "陌生老朋友" (Dear Friend)
  11. "不存在的情人" (Non-Existent)
  12. Love U U

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  1. Give us the download link to the free file hosting web site that contains his latest album please.

  2. Sorry, but we are not giving download links so as to support our artist. If you want to have a copy of the album, you can go to to buy it. :)


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