Jolin Tsai rewards colleagues with a million dollar red packet

The Taiwanese singer contributed S$42,000 to the lucky draw prize for fellow employees at her company’s annual dinner

Jolin Tsai donated NT$1 million dollars (approximately S$42,000) to Warner Music Taiwan's annual company dinner on Tuesday to reward her colleagues.

The generous Taiwanese singer was said to have earned over NT$7 billion (approximately S$3 million) over the last year. Her latest album The Great Artist also brought in a total revenue of over NT$1 billion (approximately S$4 million).

Jam Hsiao who fared well in record sales last year also chipped in NT$500,000 (approximately S$21,000) to the company dinner’s lucky draw, and the total contribution from the record label’s artistes amounted to NT$6,000,000 (approximately S$250,000).

The dinner’s theme was inspired by popular Chinese period drama The Legend of Zhen Huan, which is currently airing in Taiwan.

A self-proclaimed fan of the drama, Jolin dressed up as an empress that night and took pictures with fellow label mates, including Taiwanese singer Tiger Huang who dressed up as an emperor.

Meanwhile, Tiger became the one of the biggest winner that night when she walked away with the red packet prepared by their chief executive officer (CEO) for the artistes’ category lucky draw.

The powerhouse singer happily exclaimed, “I am leaving [the dinner] to count my money!”

Source: Xin MSN

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