Jolin Tsai splashes out S$34,000 in London

The Taiwanese singer is currently undergoing a one-month course in London.

After one week of pre-course preparation in New York, Jolin Tsai is currently in London to continue her one-month self-development course. According to the Taiwanese media, the singer will attend two three-hour classes every day, five days a week.

On top of her course fees which cost 7,500 pounds (approximately S$14,000), Jolin’s total expenditure on apartment rental, transport, shopping and other miscellaneous expenses reportedly amount to NT$810,000 (S$34,000).

In May, Jolin was accompanied by her boyfriend Vivian Dawson to New York for a series of basic training in vocal management, yoga, coordination and spiritual upgrading. Although the 32-year-old is in London with only her manager this time, Jolin appeared to be in good spirits as she roamed the streets alone and even watched a musical by herself.

Jolin also obliged to autograph and photo requests when spotted by fans. While speaking to the media, her manager revealed that the singer spends more than two hours in the local supermarket because she loves grocery shopping. “I don’t cook regularly, but I do know [how to cook] the simple dishes!” said Jolin.

Source: Xin MSN

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