Jolin Tsai Chosen To Sing The Taiwan Pavilion at Shanghai Expo theme song

Renowned as a beautiful and great diva, Jolin Tsai exposed her other deep side as she sang the theme song for the Taiwan Pavilion at Shanghai Expo. Jolin was known for her dance moves but the theme song was sung in a different medley she usually sings. It has a nice feeling and really strikes your heart upon listening.

The song features Taiwan itself. I heard it a while ago and I must say it was really lovely especially the rap part though I really don't know who sang it.

Anyway, the music video itself is really nice as it features the different faces of Taiwan.

The Expo starts at May 01, 2010 and has exactly three days to go.

The Pavilion Features:

The pavilion design is a transparent cube housing a giant ball in its center. It is mainly made of steel and glass, with the outlines of the island's Mount Morrison and Mount Ali painted on the facade. The main part of the pavilion was built with stone from Jade Mountain and soil from Yin-Ko Town. Taiwan will invite people to fly lanterns for good luck - a traditional island custom - and view its beautiful mountains and lakes at its pavilion. The pavilion showcases the island's scenery, its kind-hearted people and culture with the theme "Mountain, Water, Heart and Lantern."

The Pavilion Highlights:

Highlight 1: Movie about Taiwan's Culture and Scenery

The globe, 12 meters in diameter, houses a theater, where a four-minute movie about Taiwan's culture and scenery will be shown. The globe doubles as a screen to show the island's landscapes.

Highlight 2: Lantern-flying Ceremony

The globe will be suspended over a pool of water, which will reflect the images shown on the globe. Visitors will be invited to take part in a multimedia lantern-flying ceremony on a platform above the pool. If 40 people make a ring on the platform, each of them will trigger a beam that will light the globe.

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