Female Korean celebrities forced into sex

Yet another sex scandal has hit the Korean entertainment industry, well known for its "casting couch" practices of trading sexual favours for opportunities.
This time, sex photos featuring several female Korean stars have been leaked and circulated around the Internet.

A total of 37 set of sex photos have been leaked, featuring a number of A- and B-list female celebrities from the Korea's 107G channel.
The celebrities have starred in several popular K-dramas and were believed to have been pressured into sex while being photographed secretly.
One of the most famous victims of such practices is Jang Ja-Yeon, a Korean actress, who died at the age of 26 after she took her own life in March 2009. She had left several letters claiming that she had been forced to have sex with industry people more than a hundred times.
Netizens have said that the "casting couch" practice is an open-secret in the Korean entertainment industry. An earlier survey showed that about 60 per cent of female artistes in Korea have been asked to exchange sexual favours for casting opportunities.

While not all celebrities have been forced into exchanging sexual favours for opportunities, many know of someone who has had to do so.
Source: Diva Asia
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  1. That's terrible..

  2. thats why i hate Kpop!!!!! its sucks!

  3. this explains all those suicides in their community. But this stuff is rumored to happen in the Entertainment world in all countries.
    Everybody's sex maniacs. gosh.

  4. this is very sad, something must be done or another actress might get hurt.


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