This Is Love [lyrics]

Finally, here is the complete lyrics for "This is love/ Every time"



Ta lai qu mei yuzhao
它来去没 预兆
It comes and go without any sign

xiang ganmao zong wufa yuliao
像感冒总无法 预料
like a cold that can't be foreseen


lian huxi dou nanao
连 呼吸 都难熬
even breaithing is hard to endure

nandao shi wo fa gashao hao buliao
难道 是我发高烧 好不了
could it be that I have a high fever that won't get better


everytime i look into your eyes

na xintiao de ludong zong dui bu shang jiepai
那 心跳 的律动总 对不上 节拍
my heartbeat's rhythm always fail to match that meter

tamen shuo zhe jiao
they say that'scalled



everytime you look into my eyes

daduo xinli hua zenme shuo bu chulai
大多 心里话 怎么 说不出来
I couldn't say the things deep down in my heart

fannao dou sui zhe ni yaobai
Troubles that follow your every sway

ai ni cheng yilai
爱你成 依赖
loving you became dependable



xie zhe gei ni de ge
写着给你的 歌
I'm still writing that song for you

Pincou zhe mei yi pian kuaile
拼凑着 每一篇 快乐
Piecing together every chapter of happiness

Guai jing shi mohu yinse
怪竟是 模糊 音色
It's weird, in the end that tone color became blurry

nandao shi wo fa gaoshao
难道 是我发高烧
Could it be that I have a high fever

zenme liao
What should I do

[Repeat Chorus]

Fang bu kai bu mingbai zhe shi ai de tei zao haishi tai kuai
放不开 不 明白 这是 爱得太早 还是太快
I can't let go, I don't understand if this is too early to love or too fast.

[Repeat Chorus]

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