JJ Lin wishes to work with Jaden Smith

The local singer expressed his wish to collaborate with the young American star when they attended a promotional event yesterday

JJ Lin publicly expressed his wish to work with American actor Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith in the future. In Taipei with his father to promote their latest movie After Earth, Jaden made an appearance at a promotional event for his fashion line MSFTS yesterday, alongside local singer JJ and Taiwanese artiste Brandon Chang. The SMG x MSFTSep collection, a collaboration between the trio, was also officially launched at the event.

According to the Taiwanese media, JJ was overshadowed by Jaden as the 14-year-old star charmed the crowd with his generous fan service and impromptu rap performances. Witnessing Jaden’s popularity among the fans, the host of the event Mickey Huang cheekily quipped that JJ and Brandon can “comfort” each other while singing JJ’s song ‘Back To Back Hug’.

As Jaden is also known to have a passion in music as well, JJ revealed his wish of collaborating with him in the future. JJ also gave his limited edition vinyl album and a vinyl player to Jaden as a token of their friendship.

“I know that he loves music too, so I hope that I can share my passion for music with him through this opportunity,” JJ explained.

When asked if the singer who is known for his melodic ballads has any intention to change his style of music to suit Jaden’s hip-hop style, JJ replied with a laugh, “I don’t plan to rap with him.”

Despite his young age, Jaden has established himself as a successful entrepreneur with his own fashion label. The ambitious star also revealed plans of creating his own brand of bottled water and publishing a skateboarding book.

Source: Xin MSN

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