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They started in 2008 after they became finalists for the competition "One Million Star" and in that same year, they released their debut album "Live for You". Now, two years have passed and they are hitting the music industry again. With their second album entitled "Guardian" or "Shou Hu Zhe", Yuming and Jane is ready to rock our music world again.

When I first heard their first plug "Forgiving" I really loved them... Although I really don't know much about them since their are limited information about them on the internet.

The music video for their song "Forgiving" reminded me of Rainie Yang's "Black Moon" because of the dark aura and the chandelier at the beginning of the music video. This song is quite lovely but not that catchy unlike other songs that I barely sing it on my mind.

Anyway, their album "Guardian" will be released next month, June 04, 2010.

The Track list:

01. 崩裂前聲嘶力竭

02. 守護者 (主唱︰黃美珍)

03. 好想為你哭 (主唱︰賴銘偉)

04. 寬恕

05. 轉淚點 (主唱︰賴銘偉)

06. 跟我一起怪 (主唱︰黃美珍)

07. 信徒

08. 耶路撒冷

09. 捍衛真愛

10. Q & A

Hidden Track:

11. 親愛的是我 (Demo版) (主唱︰賴銘偉)

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  1. this is an amazing album! When I first heard their song "Live for you" I was hooked. They have climbed their way to the top of my favorite band list, and now I listen to them almost every day. I'm a huge fan, and this album is just as impressive as the first. If anyone wants the album, I would be more than willing to send it to them, or if they want the first Y2J album I can do that too! I really wish I had the lyrics to their songs, since my Chinese is limited, but from what I can translate, their lyrics are good, not to mention their voices were made for each other! Their second album just came out and I already can't wait for the next one!


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