Ni An Dong's music video: Sorry That I Loved You

Song/Video: Sorry That I Loved You
Artist: Anthony Neely (Ni An Dong 倪安东)

I have never heard of Ni An-Dong before watching this video, and I was a little taken aback, since I was expecting Chinese, but he is singing in English. Then I started listening to his voice and was automatically drawn in.

I did google searches to try and find out more about him, but he is apparently new to the music scene and it was hard to find pictures and information on him, in fact I had to search his name in Chinese, and read all of the pages in Chinese, I didn't find one in English!

The music video itself was really amazing, his voice is very rich, and I hit the replay button multiple times! You will not be disappointed by this video, and I am looking forward to what An-Dong will come out with next. He is very talented, and I have a good feeling about him!


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  1. so in love with this song.. I, too thought it was in Chinese.. so surprised..


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