{Results} Taiwan Pop Year 3 Big Blowout Giveaway!!

UPDATE: Thank you to all those who have joined! Finally chosen the winners via Rafflecopter. Please respond to my official e-mail within 48 hours. Your prize will be shipped directly through your doorsteps via Thanks!

Winners: Alice Chan -- Rainie Yang Album; Nguyen Clark -- S.H.E. Album, Lee Chou -- Jay Chou Album! :)

Till the next giveaway.. :)

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First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have supported this blog all these years. This March, we are celebrating our 3rd birthday... how time flies so fast!

What started as a simple blog dedicated to my passion for Chinese music has now metamorphed into something that offers every Asian music lovers updates about their favorite stars and idols.

It's actually a simple story. I became a huge fan of Hana Kimi and I had a mega crush on Ella Chen. I started searching for her online and listened to her music. My first blog post was actually about S.H.E. performing in the Taiwan Flower Expo. And then without knowing, this blog has evolved and grew into something I wasn't expecting.

I would love to thank all of you!!! It's a sad fact that most of the Chinese music blogs I have been following has died already. And there were times that I am thinking about letting this blog go.. but then again, maybe not. My love for Chinese music will never end.

Most of you might not know but I came from a middle-class family. We don't even have a stable internet connection at home. I used to go to internet cafe's to rent them up to this day. So if I am not able to update regularly, I apologize. Sometimes, I just cannot afford to rent anymore. Unlike other famous blogs, I don't earn much from this blog. Well to be honest, over the last 3 years, I have only earned Php 2,000 (around $20) which is very small compared to what I spend. If you noticed, I bought the domain (which is just this January because it costs $10/year. If not for a donation through my personal blog, I wouldn't be able to buy it. So to the Fairyhob Mother, thanks for the donation!

I also maintain a personal blog which focuses on fashion, events and food. That's where I earn something. It's not that big but it's enough to maintain that and this blog.

And through my savings from my personal blog, I would like to run a small giveaway to you, my dear readers. I know this is not that much, but I hope you still enjoy it. I'll be giving away 3 CD's which commemorates our 3rd birthday. The mechanics are below. I hope you continue supporting this blog -- as well as my personal blog.

By the way, this blog is open for donations too! Just send me a message by Any amount would be greatly appreciated. As much as possible, I want to give away 1 album every month. But since I also need to pay some bills at home, I can't. But if in case you donate, I would use them for our giveaways.

Again, thank you so much for being with us all through these years! I love you guys!! Keep spreading the love for Asian music!


- Justin -

CD Giveaway Mechanics:

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I want to win an album from @taiwan_pop and @justinbuenagua!! Join now! #TaiwanPopYear3
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5. Comment below your greeting to us!

This blog giveaway will run for two months and will end on April 30, 2013. 3 winners will win one album each. Winners will be chosen through rafflecopter. The album will be bought at and will be shipped directly to the winners. This blog giveaway is not affiliated and sponsored by

Again, thank you so much and keep supporting!! :)

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  1. Hello! Thanks for the giveaway! I hope to win S.H.E album! :D

  2. Wow! Thanks for the giveaway~♥ I hope to win S.H.E album i really like it!

  3. Happy Birthday to Taiwan Pop and I'm sure that you guys had more years to come. :P All the best!!

  4. happy birthday to Taiwan Pop! more years & more followers to come! :)

  5. happy birthday to Taiwan Pop! more years & more followers to come! :)

  6. Yay~ Happy Happy Anniversary Taiwan Pop! More Blessings to come Kuya Justin. I'm also a FAN of Hana Kimi and I really LOVE Wu Chun.. Oh well~ Hope this blog will continue to give a big smiles to everyone because of the updates~ Love lots! <3

  7. Happy 3rd Anniversary Taiwan Pop.. Keep It Up~! we are proud to be C-Pop Lovers! We will Fight and Cheer Up C-pop Singers! Thumbs Up!!! <3

  8. Happy happy Anniversary Taiwan Pop!!! Wish you all the best

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  10. I've been a regular visitor of your blog for a while now and I love your updates! Happy birthday to your blog! <3 More years to come and I hope it will be very successful in the future so you won't have to worry about the annual payment for your website :D I hope to win a S.H.E album! ^^ Continue updating us to help restore the CPOP glory!

  11. More power to your blog! :) Go CPOP!

  12. Happy 3rd Anniversary Taiwan Pop :) Keep inspiring us! More power and God bless!

  13. Happy 3rd birthday Taiwan Pop! Hope you have more birthdays to come! Thanks for updating us!

  14. Happy Birthday Taiwan Pop! Thanks so much for the 3 great years for updating us on all the latest things! So excited for the giveaway, really hope I get Ranie Yang's album :)

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank your for this one. Hope to win the SHE Album! Love from Vietnam!

  16. HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY. Keep giving me information about taiwanese celebrities! I hope to win Rainie Yang's album. :):)

  17. Happy 3rd Anniversary.

    I hope to Rainie's Album or S.H.E's Album.


  18. Happy 3rd Anniversary! I hope to win Rainie Yang's album too ^___^

  19. Happy 3rd Anniversary! I want Rainie Yang's album so badly... :)
    第三届周年快乐!我想要杨丞琳的专辑 ♥♥♥

  20. Happy Birthday Taiwan Pop! and thanks Justin! Keep on updating us ^^

  21. I hope I win~ thank you, happy 3rd~ :)


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