Boyfriend Releases Debut MV "Boyfriend"

Another K-Pop group is born!! And this time it is Boyfriend. Releasing their first music video "Boyfriend", they are surfing the Korean Wave.

After listening to this song, I can't help but smile and eventually, jive into their music. But at the end of it, I find myself not satisfied by their song.

It is indeed a great song that I can see everyone singing. Yet, I think it is stereotypical and is stuck up in the K-Pop mediocrity. It doesn't have that "wow factor" and something new in it. Most of all, if you listen to this song lined with other new songs, you wouldn't even remember the group since it sounds the same as any other new songs.

Well, what I see makes it more mediocre is its music video. It is like a music video of SHINee 3 years ago. Even their looks, style, fashion and dance moves was not new. I just hope they would reinvent themselves to be more modern and new to the eyes and ears of the current generation.

Still, I do appreciate the song.. it is lovely!!

My Rating: 8.2/10

- Justin -

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