Hebe Faces Different Arguments On Voice And Nomination

It all started when S.H.E. member Hebe Tien wasn't nominated at the 22nd Golden Melody Awards. According to sources, her voice wasn't real. Below are some compiled posts from reliable sources:

The release of the nomination list for the 22nd Golden Melody Awards last week was met with much excitement from music lovers across Asia, but was greeted with scorn by the fans of Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien Fu Chen, according to Channel News Asia.
Tien's fans are up in arms over a recent comment by Golden Melody Awards judge Jerry Huang that Tien was not nominated for the Best Mandarin Female Singer Award because she had "relied too much on technology to polish the music or vocals" in her album 'To Hebe', reported Taiwan media.
Her fans point out that it made no sense for Tien to be rejected as a singer, when her album "To Hebe" has been successfully nominated for Best Mandarin Album at this year's awards.
Tien on the other hand, was calm when she responded to media queries about this matter on Saturday.
"I'm not sure about the tastes of the awards' panel of judges, but getting any nomination is already a form of recognition."
"I respect the judges' decision," said the singer, an active member of pop trio S.H.E., before stating her case.
"Everyone [in the industry] used computers to do polishing! I welcome everybody to listen to me live. It might even be better than the CD!"
The same source notes that Tien was less diplomatic on Sunday during a promo event, and quipped that the Golden Melody Awards' organisers "might as well get all the performers to sing a song live, without musical accompaniment during the awards ceremony" to ensure all performers conformed to their 'no computer assisted polishing' standards.
The Golden Melody Awards, held annually by Taiwan's Government Information Office, is the Taiwanese equivalent of the Grammys.
Jay Chou tops the nomination list this year with no less than seven nominations for his work "The Era".
Singapore's JJ Lin has also been nominated for Best Mandarin Male Singer alongside Chou and veteran Taiwan singer Chyi Chin, who has only recently become a father.
The awards presentation ceremony for the 22nd Golden Melody Awards will be held on 18 June 2011 at the Taipei Arena.

Hebe Tien snubbed by Golden Melody judges

- Yahoo! News

The S.H.E member lambasts calls for her to release an unplugged album to prove her vocal ability

When the list of nominees for Taiwan's 22nd Annual Golden Melody Awards was released, many were surprised that S.H.E.'s group member Hebe Tien did not make it to the nomination list for Best Vocal Performance for a Female Artiste.

While the media dubbed the non-nomination "a lost gem", one of the judges criticized the album for having too much post-recording tuning and effects done.

Huang Shu-Jun, the main judge for the prestigious award said Hebe's voice in the album had been altered too much by technology.

Enraged by judge Huang's statement, Hebe's fans suspected Huang of being bribed. Huang's manager expressed that they will not hesitate to take legal action on those who slander his name.

In light of these reports, Hebe expressed, "Everyone should calm down. There is no need to be involved any law suit."

Dressed in a retro look while attending a promotional activity for a soft drink company, the singer responded to the "engineered album" claim.

When asked by the media if she would release an unplugged album to prove her vocal range and singing ability she replied, "Why don't I just stop releasing albums, collect NT$500 from every passerby on the street, and sing acapella for them instead," said the 28-year-old singer.

The singer also added, "Most albums nowadays are all technologically enhanced if you ask me. If everything needs to be proven, I should probably take an exam and get a licence to be a singer!"

Having performed live in her two of her mini-concerts, Hebe also stated confidently that she is not afraid to sing unplugged. With her second solo album almost completed, the confident singer will soon be returning to the recording studio.

Hebe’s album criticized for being too “engineered”

- Xin Msn

Many have spoken regarding the issue... but in my personal opinion, I think Hebe Tien deserves a spot in the list. And as for her voice, she definitely have a good one.Well, let's just hope that this issue will be resolved soon.

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