Why Metro Manila Traffic is Indeed Fatal

"Metro Manila traffic is 'not fatal' or 'burdensome to the daily lives of the people.'", these were the words of Department of Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya's televised comment regarding the horrible traffic situation in the metro. As someone who braves the everyday traffic, I find this comment very insulting. You can only say that because you don't face it every now and then. Total crap!

In a study by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, they revealed that Metro Manila traffic jams cost around $57 milion, that's P2.4 billion from the Philippine economy’s daily potential income. This is a great loss to both the workers and employers.

As a student, I have to face 2-3 hours of traffic going to school. Imagine this travel time. From Fairview, Caloocan City, it's the same travel time going to Morayta as well as going to Pampanga. Actually, it's much faster going to Pampanga than the former. With this, I can say that people like me are losing a lot of time where we could have spent it being productive at work or school.

So to Mr. Abaya, how can you say that the traffic is not fatal when it consumes a lot of our time? Is it because you don't have to go to EDSA? Have you even experienced travelling in EDSA? Well why not try it and let's see if you can still say those words.

Right after his controversial statement, Abaya apologized but mentioned that he will not explain as that means he is trying to defend himself which is another crappy thing to say. His apology is definitely not sincere,

Here's my challenge to the secretary: try going to Taft from Fairview and let's see what will happen next. You can either ride a bus or the mrt. Whatever your choice is, good luck and let's see what will happen to you.

I am not just speaking in behalf of myself but in behalf of everyone who faces this traffic jam. You should be ashamed of yourself Mr. Secretary. Really ashamed.

What are your thoughts on this?

- Justin -

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