Jane Zhang's New Album: Reform

She is back!! After almost a year since her album "Believe in Jane" was released, Jane Zhang is coming back with a brand new sound.

Just like the title "Reform", she has reformed herself into a beautiful diva. Featuring the songs "Reform" and "I Look Like", the album is set to make you crave for more.

Since the release of the teaser, I was already dying to know the song with the piano part. Turns out it was the last track.

I recommend the songs "Reform", the one I'm telling about with the piano intro. I was so amazed by it. At first, I thought it was some mellow and dramatic but after the intro, with some beats, it was actually a modern pop song. Also, I love the song "Chasing Love" and "Just Love".

I love most of the songs in the album since each one is very unique and has a different attack to its listeners. There are fast beats in some song and some are mellow.

Everything in it was worth listening.

My Rating: 10/10

Track List:

01. 我的模樣
02. 追愛
03. 出境入境
04. 錯就錯
05. 為愛瘋狂
06. 大膽
07. 愛就愛
08. 有時候
09. 上一章
10. 改變

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  1. Im168maisonette10:39 PM, May 25, 2011

    Agreed with your votes. I love "Reform" and "Just Love" and a slower mellow "Sometimes" which is track #8. I really like all the songs in this new CD -- very angelic and captivating "#7 Just Love" to engaging "#8 Sometimes". Hope this one is a big winner in all the C music charts! 

  2. Wow i'm from Indonesia & i'm really anticipating this album when it comes out!

  3. I love most of all the songs!!! Some fans who was loved her by sad songs may dislike but I believe many and many others will love & buy this album.


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