Sarah Geronimo's New Album: One Heart

After the successful release of her single "Sino Nga Ba Siya" (Who Is He Really?), Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo returns with a brand new album entitled "One Heart".

Featuring different songs including "Bata" (Child), a duet with Kean Cipriano and "Fallin'", the theme song from her movie "Catch Me I'm in Love".

For me, the album was a full package since it offers the different sides of Sarah. Also, it is nice to see an album with many new songs.

I recommend the tracks "Kung Siya Ang Mahal" (If He Is Your Love), which is very simple but will make you remember your first love. Also, "Handang Umibig Muli" (Ready To Love Again), which is more into pop.

I was just wondering, if you listen closely to her songs in the album, it all states a general idea: I fell in love with you, you made a fool out of me, you've hurt me, now I'm ready to love again... that can be easily compared to her controversial love life. Is it just a coincidence...??

My Rating: 9.5/10

Track List:

  1. Sino Nga Ba Siya
  2. Kung Siya Ang Mahal
  3. Sa Isip Ko
  4. If You Could Read My Mind
  5. I Miss You
  6. Nag-Iisang Ikaw
  7. One Heart
  8. Bata (duet w/ Kean Cipriano)
  9. More Than You'd Believe
  10. Bakit Pa Ba?
  11. Fallin'
  12. Handang Umibig Muli
  13. Within
  14. Ikaw (duet w/ Martin Nievera)
  15. Fallin' (bonus track)

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