Yen-J's New Album: Not Alone

After his successful debut last year, Yen-J is making another move with the release of his new album "Not Alone".

Having 12 tracks of definitely great songs, a mixture of both modern, pop and jazz sound.

To start, I was amazed by the album cover. I thought it was Wang Lee Hom at first but at my second look at it, I was wrong... another artist came to my mind not knowing that it was actually Yen-J. Far from his album cover last year, it was very clear to see how much his looks has improved. I am not saying that he doesn't look good by the time he debuted, I just think he looked better now.

Anyways, I would definitely recommend his first track "謝謝你的靈感 ", which is very great song, and "李唐娜", which I find unusual yet pleasant to hear. "拿你的意志力", was also a nice track showing a different side of him with those slow rap parts.

Everything in it was indeed amazing, that I had a hard time choosing a favorite.

Well, it just goes to show that he has a very great voice and lovely songs.

My Rating: 10/10

Track List:

01. 謝謝你的靈感
02. 全世界最最美麗的女孩子(Interlude)
03. 李唐娜
04. 好的事情
05. 拿你的意志力
06. 又不是這樣就不孤獨
07. 沒有你怎麼辦
08. 沒有旋律配得上你 (Feat. 劉若英)
09. 無法想像
10. 明星的愛
11. 真的
12. 隔壁大樓

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