Separate beds even after marriage for Selina Jen and fiance

TAIPEI: Taiwan singer Selina Jen's husband-to-be Richard Chang revealed Tuesday during a charity auction in Taiwan that he had been sleeping on the couch since the couple moved into their new home recently, and will have to do so for some time to come, said Taiwan media.

It wasn't because Chang did something to annoy Jen, or even a lack of passion in their union that is keeping them from sharing a bed.

Jen's injuries were to blame - her skin is still raw from the burns she suffered during a filming accident last year.

"Selina's skin is still very fragile, [I] can't touch her," explained Chang, who will marry Jen on October 31, her 30th birthday, later this year.

Chang further revealed that the Jen now has to wear a special pressure suit all over her body to help her recover from her burns, and this made it virtually impossible for him to put a wedding band on her finger.

"Her hands are wrapped up like Doraemon (a popular Japanese cartoon character with no fingers on its ball-shaped hands) because she has burns all over her hands and arms," said Chang.

The 39-year-old lawyer said that Jen may have to wear a special 'bandage glove' during the wedding so he can fit his ring on her finger.

According to Chang, their upcoming nuptials will not be a closed door affair, and discussions are under way to figure out how to accommodate the media at the wedding.


Source: Channel News Asia

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