Jay Chou to spend Christmas with Hannah Quinlivan?

The Taiwanese singer’s management company indirectly confirmed the rumour

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou's latest album Exclamation Mark topped two Taiwanese music charts - Five Music and g-music -- for five consecutive weeks.

Jay held an autograph session at Ximending's Theatre Street yesterday, and attracted a large turnout to the event. Some fans even went, dressed in sailor outfits to match the singer's image on the album cover.

Previously, it was reported that good friend Wilber Pan had created a game using Jay's portrait, so as to congratulate the latter for his album launch.

However, Jay's record label JVR Music claimed that they did not authorise Wilber the use of Jay's portrait.

Responding to the report, Jay said that the game was an act of goodwill from a friend and there was no need for portrait authorisation. He also complimented Wilber's talent. Later, he ridiculed the media for making a mountain out of a molehill.

With Christmas round the corner, it was rumoured that Jay take his girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan on a vacation overseas.

When asked if Jay had any work arrangements during the Christmas period, they said, "There is no official work schedule", indirectly confirming the rumours.

In other related news, Jay's song 'Father' was nominated for the Best Original Movie Song at the Golden Horse Awards held last Saturday. However, the singer lost the title to musician Ah Xiang.

Jay let on that he did not watch the ceremony and personally thought that 'Father' was a very good song. Therefore, he was not bothered by the loss and congratulated Ah Xiang for his win.

Source: Xin MSN

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