Rainie Yang breaks out in rashes at the mention of Sunny Wang

The Taiwanese singer responded to her relationship with the actor

Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang and actor Sunny Wang were said to be dating each other, after they were caught on a trip to New York together.

However, their rumoured relationship was faced with criticisms.

Recently, Sunny put an end to the rumour, saying that "a lot of men will fall for Rainie, but I'm not [in love with her] at the moment".

At an event in Taiwan yesterday, Rainie looked thinner than usual. The singer, who is 1.62m, currently weighs 45kg, after losing 4 to 5kg.

When the media probed if she lost weight because of her relationship woes, the singer exclaimed, "I did not [lose weight]!"

Sunny previously voiced his concerns, saying that he was worried it would be awkward between Rainie and him if they met. However, Rainie said that she would not feel awkward, because she once commented via her manager, saying that she hoped the media would "give me space to make friends".

When asked if she could still be friends with Sunny, Rainie began to fan her face with her hand and said, "I feel so hot."

The media also spotted rashes appearing on the nervous singer's chest and neck and speculated that it was caused by stress.

Rainie then admitted that she had stopped contacting Sunny because of the report. When asked if Sunny was her type, the singer expressed, "I feel that being able to get along with each other is more important than his looks. He's the type many people will like, but he's just a friend to me."

When reporters pressed on, asking Rainie to choose between her previous rumoured boyfriend Joseph Chang and Sunny, she declined to make a choice.

"I don't have the right to choose, because they're both outstanding," Rainie explained.

Source: Xin MSN

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