Ocean Butterflies Music looking for people with character in V-Singer 2012

SINGAPORE: Some 280 applicants turned up for the first day of auditions for music label Ocean Butterflies Music's V-Singer 2012 talent search, on Sunday at *Scape.

Aspiring singers came from Singapore and various parts of Asia, including China and Malaysia for the event.

While most of them were teenagers or youths in their 20s, there were some exceptions, like 10-year-old Kelly Tan, who impressed the judges with her smooth vocals.

Ocean Butterflies Music General Manager Eva Chang said that the average level of technical skill possessed by this year's applicants is higher than those of previous years.

However, she noted that the judges are looking for people with not only good singing skills, but also that "something special".

"We often watch television … so on, and imitate the performers, and people gradually start to become very much alike.

"We are looking for people who have their own style and character. We have seen a few today (Sunday)." said Chang, who was one of the judges at the audition.

"We are looking out for those with potential."

The V-Singer talent search had previously produced stars like A-do, BY2 and JJ Lin. 

The remaining three V-Singer 2012 auditions will be held on June 30, July 7 and July 8.

Those selected will receive professional vocal training, with the top ten candidates even getting a chance to hold their very own mini-concert at various venues, as part of the "My Concert" round of the selection exercise.


Source: Channel News Asia

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