JJ Lin admits to cosmetic surgery

The local singer said that he had some work done on his teeth

Local singer JJ Lin was promoting his latest album Lost N Found in Shanghai, China, when he responded to reports that he had a nip tuck.

Recently, an old video clip of him began circulating online, sparking speculations that he had gone under the knife.

"I really wish I could delete those old clips. Since we're on the topic of cosmetic surgery, I did a minor procedure on my teeth previously. If anyone can produce proof that I did work on other parts of myself, I'll admit to it."

At the promotional event, JJ also spoke on his love life.

The singer admitted that songs in his latest album reflected his thoughts on relationships.

"I'm someone who values relationship, especially when I'm certain she is the one. I'll protect and fight to for a beautiful memory, so that the relationship goes on. Perhaps because of that, I tend to rush into things and if I'm faced with difficulties, I have trouble overcoming them," he said.

JJ then revealed that he once had a failed relationship. At the time, he thought that he could balance his love life and career but "the more I try to protect the relationship, the more pressurised I was."

When the media questioned JJ about his recent declaration that he "had always liked S.H.E member Hebe" -- he replied shyly that their relationship did not develop further.

"Maybe we need to wait for an opportunity," he said.

Source: Xin MSN

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