Katncandix2's New EP Album: Explosion of the Earth

After a long break, one of my favorite indie musicians are back! Hooray for Katncandix2..

Making a loud comeback, the band is set to release 2 new EP albums. The real idea is to release only one EP packed with 4 tracks but they thought that the songs are somehow different from each other so they decided to separate them and release 2 EP albums instead.

So the first one of the two is "等地球爆炸" (Explosion of the Earth) which has that lovely tracks that are really relaxing and takes you to a whole new world.

The first track, "一起等地球爆炸吧" (Explosion of the Earth Together) is the alternate and the livelier version of the other one with its whimsical melody and shifts of tempo. Also, it was so... cute in a way that it is not over done and too corny.

The second one "等地球爆炸" (Explosion of the Earth) is the original version that has that same quality of fantasy but is more serious.

If you just want to relax and take yourself to a trip down to memory lane, I think this EP album is great. And I would definitely prefer the original version.

My Rating: 10/10

Track List:

  1. 一起等地球爆炸吧
  2. 等地球爆炸

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