BY2 to release new album + photo book in August

After their successful album "90' Now", BY2 twins Miko and Yumi announces that they will be releasing a brand new album later this year.

Entitled "2020", the album will be the twins gift to themselves as they turned 20 this year. Also, the album will be their first one that will be accompanied by a photo book.

Expected to be released this coming August, "2020" will feature BY2's transformation to vixens as they started wearing dresses that showcases their figures yet retains their innocence.

Though there is no official track list yet, the EP album is said to contain around 6 original tracks.

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  1. Do you happen to know the best site for international fans to purchase albums like these? Been getting into Taiwanese Pop a lot more lately, and not sure where to start with albums. Thanks and good job with the site. ^_^

  2. you can go for C-Pop, J-Pop and K-Pop albums and for OPM/P-Pop... :D


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