Rainie Yang's New Album: Wishing for Happiness

After the release of her successful album "Longing For..." a year ago, Rainie Yang returns with her soft and soothing vocals with her newest album "Wishing for Happiness".

Packed with 11 tracks, the album comes in two different versions, "Smile Once Again" and "No More Tears".

Though the album is very promising and comes with a photo album which they shot in Paris, it can be a little bit pricey. But if you are really a fan, buy this one.

Anyways, here is the full track list. Enjoy! :D

Track list:
  1. 忘了
  2. 想幸福的人
  3. 離開動物園
  4. 未來哈囉
  5. 不要對自己說謊
  6. 愛,啟程
  7. 自作自受
  8. 一萬零一種可能
  9. 不敢說的懷念
  10. 少年維特的煩惱
  11. 王見王 (feat. 羅志祥)
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