Lee Hom and Lu Chen dismiss slapping rumours

The Taiwanese singer reportedly slapped the renowned magician when the latter teased his rumoured lover Li Yundi
Taiwanese singer Lee Hom was said to have slapped famous Taiwanese magician Lu Chen at the backstage of China CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala 2013, after the latter joked about his alleged romance with Li Yundi during the show.

According to the Taiwanese media, Chinese pianist Li Yundi acted like he was searching for something when Lu Chen covered his face with a cloth during the magic performance at the Spring Festival Gala last week.

Chen then jokingly asking if he was “looking for Lee Hom”, poking fun at the pair’s dating rumours.

While Yundi and CCTV later claimed that the segment was an impromptu performance, Chen claimed, “I always communicate with my guest performer, and whatever said on stage is always agreed beforehand.”

A netizen then claimed that Lee Hom, who was attended the Spring Festival Gala that night, slapped Chen backstage for teasing his rumoured lover.

The incident sparked off a huge controversy, although it was later confirmed that Lee Hom had left to attend a reunion dinner with his colleagues long before Chen’s performance that night.

Seeing that things have gone out of hand, Lee Hom addressed Chen as his “buddy” on his microblog yesterday and asked, “Did someone hit you? Does that person really look like me?”

Within five minutes, Chen gave a humourous reply on his own microblog, “I don’t recall this incident at all. I think I lost my memory after being hit, what should I do!”

The two even became followers of each other’s microblog and dismissed all rumours of discord with their humourous exchange.

Source: Xin MSN
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