Vanness Wu's New Album: Different Man

Showing a different side of him, Vanness Wu finally releases his much anticipated new album entitled "Different Man".

Vanness Wu tells us how he's changed over the years in his new album Different Man. The album revolves around a simple yet complex theme: love. Working with producers Jae Chong, Terry Liang, Bi Guo Yong and Erik Lin, Vanness delivers fresh new tracks, including the dubstep title plug Different Man, the romantic wedding song "Little Wedding" and the Michael Jackson tribute single Love Overtime.

Expected to be released next week, the album is packed with 12 tracks including the titular plug "Different Man".

Track list:

01. V.A.N.N.E.S.S Intro
02. 趁愛打劫Heart Thief
03. 愛裡面Inside Love (FT. Enik Lin)
04. Different Man
05. Love Overtime
06. 讓我更愛我Beautiful
07. 真的明白Realized
08. 你怎麼知道How Did U Know
09. 改裝Let it go(FT. Flowsik)
10. LOV3
11. 小婚禮Marry me
12. V.A.N.N.E.S.S Outro 

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