Show Luo kisses Alex To

The Hong Kong singer describes the smooch as “rough”

After nearly a decade of absence from the music world, Hong Kong singer Alex To have returned to the entertainment scene with his new album So Young.

At a press conference for his new album yesterday, Taiwanese singer Show Luo showed up surprisingly with a gift of a bottle of red wine, and even locked lips with Alex to congratulate him.

According to reports, Show has always been a fan of the 51-year-old, and would often pick the latter’s fast-track hit song Zheng Jiu Di Qiu during dance practice sessions in his high school days. Show also told reporters that his then girlfriend was a big fan of Alex, and the two once rode a bike down from Keelung city to Taipei just to catch his concert.

Now both stars in the entertainment industry, Show had recently shared the stage with Alex, where he was touched by the veteran artiste’s gesture. Having commented that he liked the jacket Alex was wearing that day, the latter went on to give it to him after his performance ended.

“Actually what I really liked was the accessory that m
atched the jacket, but he did not give me that. So I’m here to collect my ‘debt’,” Show said jokingly at the press conference. 

When asked about the smooch between the two, Alex said that Show’s lips felt “a little rough”, and assured that his wife is open-minded and would not mind the kiss.

On the other hand, Show’s manager clarified that since Alex is Show’s idol, “it is no big deal that the two kissed”.

Alex’s latest album is due to be released on 30 Aug and a concert is planned for Nov 16.

Source: Xin MSN

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