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A powerhouse in the computing technology, tech giant Intel takes us to a higher place as they collaborate with the award winning beat maker and producer Flume in creating an impact in the music industry powered by the latest innovation in technology.

Last September 26, 2013 Intel successfully launched ‘Intelligent Sounds’, a short film that visually showcases the power and magic of Intel-powered tablets. While Intel has a long history of making processors for the most amazing computing experiences, many consumers aren’t aware Intel is inside tablets.

“Intelligent Sounds” is a brave technological experiment which sees ‘Felix the Robot Conductor’, his tablet-powered band members, and their instruments come to life to perform the new Flume original track created specifically for this purpose.

After twelve weeks of production, 2000 developer hours and more than 60 active Intel-powered tablets used in the development of this project, the result is undeniably striking and astounding.

What I love about this video (aside from the awesome song) is that it shows us a glimpse of how technology works and how it will be seen in the near future. And that it can be used to obtain and present a music that defines its generation. Well, right now, dubstep and electronic beats are really in the trend and I can foresee this evolution of musical genre through the introduction of Intel and Flume.

By the way, each ‘member’ of Intelligent Sound’s tablet band was programmed with synthesised notes and triggered to play through on cue, while robot arms were pre-programmed to hit the required notes in time with the final song. Don't you just love the way they played especially with the effects of the neon triangles..?

On the last note, this video is just a sneak peek of what Intel tablets has to offer.

Don't forget to view the Intelligent Sounds video as well as the Making of the video.
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This post has been sponsored by Intel, but all thoughts are mine.

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