The Slide Down of MRT

It is already 2016 and President Benigno S. Aquino III or "PNoy"'s term is about to end. This means that it is finally time to look back to all the achievements and failures his governance has done.

One major drawback of the president's term is the issue within the Metro Rail Transit or MRT. Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Aguinaldo Abaya's incompetence was a huge deal over the past years. From his never ending promises to bogus and midnight transactions, Abaya's failure as a secretary was all over the news. But how come he is still the secretary? That is the bigger question now.

As a regular commuter, I cannot utter my despair and anger at how the MRT turned out. Before, everything was tolerable but not it is a complete pain in the ass. Remember back in 2010, the Metro Pacific Group bought out the Metro Rail Transit Corp. (MRTC), private owner-builder of the railway, for an amount of $110 million with the hopes of expanding the services of the MRT. However, due to Abaya's incompetence, he didn't even bother replying or show any form of interest. Well I guess it's because it doesn't involve any personal interest. Now, 6 years later, we're worse. MRT has lost its charm. Where are the coaches that Secretary Abaya promised? Just look at how Abaya brought five family members at the 2013 APEC transport ministers’ meeting in Japan. Shady eh?

Abaya is really a face of someone who has no delicadeza. He has no guts at all. Instead of doing his job as the secretary, he failed miserably. Under his administration, we have seen the worst of the transit. What used to be the major mode of mass transportation in the metro, the MRT is now a complete hell. All thanks to Jun Abaya. So what's next for MRT? As long as Abaya is still in the position, it will continue sliding down the path and until it completely submerges into the pit of doom.

What do you think?

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