Rashomon is still no. 1!

Show Luo's 7th album, Rashomon still takes up the top one spot on G-Music Charts. Released on January 15, 2010, the album take spot for almost ten weeks and still counting. With it's first-class dance sound, it is still considered as one of the best dance album Show Luo has ever created. I am impressed how Show Luo could still make cool sounds after his competitors (which is more likely to be Koreans) arrived in the music industry. Show Luo had this image that we cannot erase.

I was shocked when I saw at the G-Music Charts site ( that after its release up to now it is still number one! For ten weeks it has been the crowd's favorite and we cannot deny the fact that this album is actually worth buying for. And so, with your continuous support, you still makes Show Luo's Rashomon No. 1! By the way, here's a fact: After ten weeks, still Rashomon goes up and up and the latest record from it was that it has remained far away from its competitors grabbing 13.75% of the chart list.

I know you are still petrified but anyway, here are the song list from the album Rashomon.. (most of them were used as soundtrack for the drama "Hi My Sweetheart")
01. 羅生門 (Luo Sheng Men) [Lover's Puzzle]
02. 愛的主場秀 (Ai De Zhu Chang Xiu) [The Leading Role]
03. 生理時鐘 (Sheng Li Shi Zhong) [Body Clock] (Hi My Sweetheart OST)
04. 習慣就好 (Xi Guan Jiu Hao) [I'll Get Used To It]
05. 危險的念頭 (Wei Xian De Nian Tou) [Hazardous Idea]
06. 愛瘋頭 (Ai Feng Tou) [Head Over Heels] (Opening Song of Hi My Sweetheart)
07. 愛不單行 (Ai Bu Dan Xing) [You Won't Be Alone] (Hi My Sweetheart OST)
08. 搞定 (Gao Ding) [Got You Nailed]
09. 為什麼要在一起 (Wei Shen Me Yao Zai Yi Qi) [Why Were We Together]
10. 老實講 (Lao Shi Jiang) [Truth]
11. WOW! (ft. Elva Hsiao 萧亚轩)
12. In Your Eyes(眼爱) (ft. Rainie Yang 杨丞琳) (Hi My Sweetheart OST)

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