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Last April 23, 2010, Eddie Peng just released his album entitled "Can't Not Love EP". I listened to it and the first track made me move. It sounded great though it is a dance song (I prefer mellow and love songs). Anyway, the last track "Corner of Summer" is somewhat great to my ears. Especially when it came to the rap with the English part.

This album contains only 5 tracks and that makes me wonder, why did he not make it 11 or 12 just like other albums? In my opinion, I would not buy this one since it is just a waste of money when I could but another with the same price and offers more music (sorry!).

Anyway, this album is great but in a rating of 5, I would rate it 3. If this album contains 11 or more tracks then I am sure that it will attract more buyers.

In less than a week, he has already released two music videos for this album: "Can't Not Love" and "Corner of Summer". (Personally, I love "Corner of Summer")

By the way, here is the track list:

1. 非愛不可 (Can't Not Love)
2. 就是我愛你 (That is I Love You)
3. 變色龍 (Chameleon)
4. 不想這樣 (Don't Want It This Way)
5.  轉角的夏天 (Corner of Summer)

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