Grown Up : BY2's New Album

They are already "Grown Up(s)" just as their album was named. Miko Peh Wei-Fen (白緯芬) and

Yumi P eh Wei-Lin g (白緯玲) releases a new album after "Twins". On their first album "16 Underage" Miko and Yumi began to capture the heart of listeners from different asian countries. After two years, they finally decided to release a new album entitled "Grown Up"  as they turned 18 last March 23. The album features teenage love song just like the other tracks from their previous albums. Anyway, their carrier single for this album is "This is Love" the last track on the album is popularly known as "Every Time I Look in your Eyes" or "Every Time". On the contrary, the album cover is somehow similar to S.H.E.'s SHERO which features the group wearing white covers (pillows, I think, in the case of BY2).

Trivia: They are not really nude if you think they are, they are actually wearing light colored shirts.

Anyway, on the album, the second track (大人的世界 [Grown Up’s World]) is a dance/pop song that is really different from the other songs.

Track list:
01 带我离开 [Take Me Away]

02 大人的世界 [Grown Up’s World]

03 爱上你 [Loving You]

04 伤心农场 [Sad Farm]

05 凑热闹 [Join in the Fun]

06 任由爱 [Free to Love]

07 大冒险 [Big Adventure]

08 爱的双重魔力 [Love’s Double Magic]

09 好奇傻死猫 [Strange Silly Cat]

10 这叫爱 [This is Love]

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