Jay Chou's Concert Already Sold

As previously reported, the "Jay Chou The Era Concert" world tour is set to make its first stop at the Taipei Arena on June 11th and 12th. Due to the sweeping ticket sales resulting in tickets being completely sold out on the very first day, an additional show was quickly declared yesterday to be held on the 13th. The tickets are set to start selling simultaneously by various vendors at noon today.

When ticket sales opened at noon on April 15th for the two shows, there was a huge rush. In merely 3 hours, eighty percent of the tickets were already sold. The ticketing systems experienced large amounts of traffic causing server congestion. That very same day, the good tidings that the tickets were completely sold out, and that the fans who hadn't grabbed a ticket were requesting an additional show, were brought to Jay Chou.

Due to many scalped tickets floating around online, the organizers, JVR music, decided to hold another show hoping that Director Jay's fans can all enjoy this special significant concert held 10 years after his first debut.

This time, Jay's team will be using all new technology to create the first "360 floating solid render" effect. In accordance with Director Jay's request,  the concert will be the first to apply the use of the Mapping technique (newest visual effect technique) along with the newest lighting technology "smart film" to create a phantom set, breaking the limits of space.

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