Edison Chen's Music Video: Mr Sandman

To tell you the truth, I had NO idea who Edison Chen was until I watched this video. I saw "Mr. Sandman" and I thought, "Isn't that that one song from the 50's?" and I was right! Chen's video is a spin off of a well known song called "Mr. Sandman" which was originally done by the American female quartet "The Chordettes" in 1954.

The video itself has stunning choreography that is done by some guys with white masks on. Some of you might watch this and automatically think of the dance group "JabbaWockeeZ" (the group that won in the first season of America's Best Dance Crew). At least that is what I first thought when I watched this.

I have to admit, I like the spin on the old song "Mr. Sandman," however I wasn't particularly impressed with Chen's performance, it seemed like his lyrics didn't really flow well with the song. The best thing I liked about this video was the dancing. The dancers were all together and it was enjoyable to watch. It will be interesting to see where Chen will go with his music career.


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  1. hello, he is the guy in the sex scandal!

  2. LOL yeah his career is over because of that sex scandal

  3. That's in the past.

  4. That's in the past.


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