E-Girl's Debut MV "Essential Love"


Debuting as an artist, these four young girls shows off their talent in their very first music video.

I need to say that their song was impressive and the music video was nice though it still needs some improvement because there was a part where it turned out as a shampoo commercial.

But the girl who caught my attention was Li Er. She was very beautiful and cute especially when she smile.

About the group as a whole, I think they need to study and practice some dancing because there are times it is kind of awkward.

But rating their very first music video, it was pretty well good!

- Justin -

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  1. I agree that Li Er stands out. This is an interesting first video. It seems a little too "cute" to me, but it is their first video. Like every artist, they will probably end up changing their style soon. They are cute, but I don't know if that will carry them all the way.

  2. can you tell us whose who?


  3. Anonymous, I have posted something about them weeks ago. You can just read that to know who are the members.

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