Jam Hsiao has many "weird and crazy ideas"

SINGAPORE: Following his success as a musician, Taiwanese singing sensation Jam Hsiao has been making waves in the film industry.

Hsiao's film debut "The Killer Who Never Kills" got him his first acting award, the Best New Performer award, at the recent 2012 Hong Kong Film Awards.

The singer-actor, who was in town on Monday to promote his Jam Hsiao World Tour 2012 - Encore concert, the singer-actor shared that he hopes to land a "lead male vase (eye candy)" role for his next movie.

"I haven't really given much thought to it… I just want [my character] to be handsome… I [also] don't want to have many lines," said Hsiao with a laugh.

The star's manager, who was beside him during the interview, added that Hsiao said so because he thought that Ouyang Penzai (Hsiao's character in "The Killer Who Never Kills") is "not good-looking."

"He (Hsiao) wants to be a handsome assassin!" said his manager.

However, Hsiao's concert tour schedule is so packed that it would take him another seven months before he has the time to shoot another film.

Having just completed his Malaysia stop last weekend, Hsiao will be bringing his tour to London before performing at his encore concert in Shanghai and Singapore.

For those who have already caught his concert earlier this year, Hsiao promises that his concert on November 10 will contain "some adjustments."

"I'll be releasing my new album in October, so I will be adding my new songs [to my previous set list] for my November encore concert!" Hsiao announced excitedly.

While Hsiao chose to keep mum on its name, he revealed that his latest album is currently in the post-production stage and its main focus will still be rock.

Aside from being able to hear his new songs live at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, fans may also get the chance to see him in his shocking LED-lit underpants on stage again.

"For that segment [of the concert], I have two outfits – the one with the LED-lit underpants and the robot one.

"I will only find out the day before [the concert] if I will be wearing the LED-lit underpants or the robot outfit, but for the Malaysia concert, I wore the LED-lit underpants," teased Hsiao.

Hsiao's LED-lit underpants look has been a hot topic since it was first revealed during the start of this concert tour.

But if you think that the talented powerhouse had been coerced into wearing those LED-lit underpants by his management or costume designer, you are mistaken.

"They're all his ideas!" his manager cut in.

"He (Hsiao) took part in many aspects of the concert and most of those weird and crazy ideas such as the LED-lit underpants and robot outfits are all thought of by him.

"Our costume designer isn't that daring," she said.

Hsiao explained that he is more passive when it comes to fashion because he is a fan of simple clothing and if possible, he would "love to finish performing a concert in just one outfit."

However, to cater to the audience who might prefer concerts to be more visually-appealing, he often comes up with new ideas when his designer shows him a new look.

"When my designer designs an outfit with LED-lit lines, I will ask him what the lines represent.

"If it doesn't represent anything but just for the sake of designing, I will ask him why he didn't do something more daring!

"I will want to change it (the LED-lit lines) into something more unique," added Hsiao.

As the music director of his current tour, Hsiao has a hand in creating his stage costumes, but also personally tailors each country's show for his fans.

with so many things on his plate, directing the concert tour and working on his next album, is Hsiao too busy to find love?

"No, I still can [manage]!" Hsiao replied with a grin.

"It will be of great comfort to have someone to be beside you to share your feelings with," said the singer coyly, adding that he did not try to keep his love life a secret on purpose, but just "don't see the point of talking about it."

While his love life still remains a little complicated, his vacation plan, however, is simple.

"I just want to rest… Even staying at home to rest is fine!" said Hsiao without any hesitation.

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Source: Channel News Asia

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