Wu Chun donates $5.2mil to Japan relief efforts

With help from his fans, Wu Chun managed to raise S$5.2mil for Japan’s earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

Thanks to his deceased mother who would often make donations in his name, Wu Chun picked up the good habit of partaking in charitable deeds when he was young.

Although his mother has passed on, the Brunei-born artiste based in Taiwan continues to uphold her teachings and is an active philanthropist today.

Showing his support for Japan, he was recently sighted wearing a t-shirt specially-designed by Japanese contemporary artiste Takashi Murakami, when he attended the 'Newsday' charity event.

Shaken by the widespread devastation in Japan from the March 11 earthquake, the 31-year-old decided to set up a relief donation box for Japan at his gym after noticing the lack of charity organizations in Brunei. Fans from Asia, Australia, and even the US were seen contributing to his fund-raising attempts.

A few days ago, Wu Chun donated one month's worth of membership fees from two of his gyms in addition to the contributions collected from the donation box. The total amount of donations amounted to TW$120 million (S$5.2 million), and the singer-actor personally handed it over to the Japanese Embassy in Brunei.

Apart from that, Wu Chun also printed specially-designed thank you certificates for all of his fans who contributed to the fund as a token of appreciation.

The Fahrenheit singer was originally supposed to visit Japan in April to promote his latest movie, 14 Blades, but had to postpone the trip to July after the earthquake.

Source: Xin MSN

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