Marcelito Pomoy's Debut Album: Duet Yourself

Going for his debut, Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 Winner Marcelito Pomoy releases his first ever album entitled "Duet Yourself" months after his great win.

Gaining popularity for his extreme dual voice that can sing both female and male voices, I was really in an awe after hearing his rendition of the classic "Narito Ako" (I Am Here) by Regine Velasquez.

Now, with a brand new album, packed with 15 tracks including 5 minus one's and 5 instrumentals, the album is not bad after all.

However, I find the songs quite old and too classic and hoped that he would sing some original ones. Plus, 5 tracks isn't that much. Also, it didn't include his audition piece by Regine. But, it did has his winning song, "The Prayer".

The album is good though you would really think twice buying. How about just wait for the second one. Maybe that would be better!

My Rating: 8.5/10

Track List:

  1. The Prayer
  2. Hanggang Ngayon
  3. Let The Love Begin
  4. Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang
  5. Forever
  6. The Prayer (minus 1)
  7. Hanggang Ngayon( minus 1)
  8. Let The Love Begin (minus 1)
  9. Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang (minus 1)
  10. Forever (minus 1)
  11. The Prayer (instrumental)
  12. Hanggang Ngayon (instrumental)
  13. Let The Love Begin (instrument
  14. Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang (instrume
  15. Forever (instrumental)
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