Gary V: Good-bye is not part of my vocabulary

"Goodbye is not part of my vocabulary," Gary said last August 31 at Mesa Restaurant in Tomas Morato, Quezon City where he held a press conference for his 'With Love, Gary Valenciano' TV special to be aired September 4 in ABS-CBN's 'Sunday's Best.'

But Mr. Pure Energy admits  he wants to eventually lie low and slow down on his performances.

"Ayoko kasi dumating sa punto na sa tao mismo manggagaling yung 'Ay, bumabagal na siya. Siguro dapat (mag-lie na siya).' I'd rather stop and then just make people go, 'You know, I remember when Gary V used to dance like this,'" Gary explained.
At 47, the singer-songwriter revealed it's already hard to do big concerts. He  also wants to give way to the next generation of singers.
"I mean, with regard to big concerts na tipong Hataw Na, at my age, it's difficult to keep up a concert like that for two-and-a-half hours. That's one. Second, to produce a concert like that, ang hirap," Gary said.
Besides, Gary sees a new breed of young singers he wants to help achieve their dreams.
"So, at that time, 2008 yung 'Live At 25,' that was my way of saying 'Okay, next. Who's next?,'" Gary added.
Although he still does concerts,  Gary now wants to be more intimate and closer to his audience. He wants to  them see him up close and experience his performance.
"Mas intimate, kung saan medyo I can be myself. I don't have to worry about people at the very tuktok, pinakalikod. I can just keep myself within maybe, 800 to a thousand people—that's very intimate," Gary shared.
In his 28 years in showbiz, Gary has done multiple record albums and concerts and even tried his hand in acting and hosting. Is there anything else he still wants to do?
"Many, many things pa!," Gary exclaimed.
He wants to study audio engineering and teach. New media and music downloads are so prevalent right now and they seem to compete with other singers, but Gary wants to embrace them instead.
"That's a two-fold thing because I feel that with regards to our songwriting, we're just as good as anybody else in the world. But when it comes to the technology of recording it, and capturing it, and making it sound good any way you play, medyo behind pa tayo," Gary told the press.
Aside from teaching, Gary  wants to work on the new media and let people embrace it in the proper way. Gary admits music downloads  are already part of the society and he says recording companies should also study it.
"So, I have nothing against new media, provided it is done also in a proper way. Matagal na naming parang pakiusap sa tao na huwag kang mag-download ng ganito, but it's so much a part of our society already. So if that's the case, okay, we'll do this and I think it's something that artists and production people and recording people need to embrace," Gary said.
The 'With Love, Gary Valenciano' TV special chronicles Gary's prolific career, which has produced countless hits such as 'Take Me Out of the Dark,' 'Sana Maulit Muli,' and 'Shout for Joy.'
It also pays tribute to Gary's colleagues and friends in the industry like Ryan Cayabyab, Kuh Ledesma, Martin Nievera, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Piolo Pascual, and Jericho Rosales, among others. Also joining the special are his children Paolo, Gab and Kiana.
"I always reserve a production number for a special occasion where all of us are together," Gary said about the participation of his children, Paolo, Gabriel and Kiana.
"We have a very special number which I arranged, 'I Will Be Here' and a song I wrote 'When I Hear Your Call.' They all did well because they all sung. Quite impressive to have all of them singing," Gary added.
His 'With Love, Gary Valenciano' CD features a compilation of his hit theme songs such 'Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin,' 'Where Do I Begin' and 'Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo,' which is now topping music charts.

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