Claire Kuo's New Album: Another She Track List

Releasing her 5th album after her successful album trilogy, Claire Kuo moves a step higher with "Another She",  a mixture of songs in different genres.

Packed with 10 tracks, the album  including "Thinking of her while you're with me", the Taiwan ending track for the Korean drama, "The Greatest Love".

Every song in it looks very promising and nice though I haven't heard them.

Anyways, just to give you an overview of the album, here is the track list... enjoy!!

Track List:

01. 陪著我的時候想著她
02. 愛情模樣
03. 下一個奇蹟
04. 軟綿綿
05. 往未來飛的客機
06. 本來
07. 又是艷陽天
08. 算不算
09. 靜電
10. 離開

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