Hebe Tian takes a jab at Selina Jen's fiancé?

The singer was said to have criticised her best pal's fiancé for his alleged wrongdoings

Following reports of alleged unhappiness with Selina Jen's fiancé, Richard Chang, fellow band mate Hebe Tian made another midnight posting on her microblog last night.

Telling fans that she had arrived at her hotel in Shanghai, the singer shared that she was awakened by the sudden flickering of her bedroom lights and added that her toilet lights were also not working.

"The wirings and circuits have "lost control". Fortunately, I have seen lots more stranger and scarier things than this in life," she wrote.

The singer also gave blessings to her fans, "I hope the lights and circuits in your house are nice and obedient."

Hebe's seemingly strange choice of words like "lost control" and "nice and obedient" sparked further speculations that she was taking another potshot at Selina's fiancé, Richard Chang.

Several fans who had read between the lines replied to the post, "Since there are always people who "lost control" appearing in your life, I hope you will be able to block them out with your positivity."

Another fan wrote, "Really that scary, huh?"

When pressed to respond to the issue, the singer's recording company denied allegations of any hidden meanings in her postings, claiming that Hebe was merely describing her frightening experience at the hotel.

Both Hebe and Richard have since refused comments.

Source: Xin MSN

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