Hannah Quinlivan accepts Christianity for Jay Chou’s mum

The 18-year-old model is said to be one step closer to becoming ‘Mrs J’

It looks like model Hannah Quinlivan is serious about her relationship with Asian superstar Jay Chou.

When news of the singer dating 18-year-old Hannah first broke out, their relationship received mixed opinions from the general public, due to the 14-year age gap.

Contrary to earlier reports which stated that Jay and Hannah started dating earlier this year, it is understood that the couple have been dating each other for more than a year now.

Jay is known to be caring towards his young girlfriend and took her on a holiday to Europe during Hannah's 18th birthday, apart from writing her a song. The singer also frequently enlists the help of his friends to play chaperone to the model.

Not one to be picky about her son's girlfriend, Jay's mum will reportedly accept the girl for who she is, regardless of the girl's family background, occupation or her looks, so long as Jay loves her.

Recently, it was reported that the matriarch had only one tiny wish, and that is for her future daughter-in-law to be a Christian.

It is speculated that Jay, who is not pious person, has decided to accept Christianity, just like his mother, and hoped that Hannah will do the same.

According to one churchgoer, Jay brought Hannah to see a priest -- who went to Taiwan to preach -- and had him explain the doctrines to her and pray for her future.

The couple's actions was said to have moved Jay's mother.

"Hannah goes to church conscientiously and gets along with Jay's mother. Jay's mother also likes her a lot. Her position as Jay's girlfriend is secured," a mutual friend revealed.

Source: Xin MSN

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