Sodagreen's New Album: What Is Troubling You Track List

After a year of break, Sodagreen enters the stage once more with the upcoming release of the newest album "你在煩惱什麼" (What Is Troubling You) on November 11, 2011.

The album is packed with 11 amazing songs including their titular plug "你在煩惱什麼" (What Is Troubling You) which is a very sentimental song fused with an upbeat clapping. It is great to hear this kind of songs nowadays since most of them are being overpowered by pop dance.

So, to cut things shorter, here is the track list for their album!!

Track List:

  1. This Moment Is Forever (片刻永恆)
  2. The Limit of Happiness (幸福額度)
  3. I Wrote Of You In My Song (你被寫在我的歌里)
  4. If Love Is Like Condensation (如果凝結就是愛)
  5. Enjoy Loneliness (喜歡寂寞)
  6. Bird's Nest (燕窩)
  7. Cocoon (繭)
  8. As We Walk Together(當我們一起走)
  9. The Romantic Clique (浪漫派)
  10. Control Freak (控制狂)
  11. What Is Troubling You(你在煩惱什麼)

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