Jay Chou keeps relationship a secret to protect Hannah Quinlivan

The singer confessed that the reason he refused to come clean about his relationship is he did not want his girlfriend to be disturbed

Rumours about Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan's relationship have been brewing for some time. Although the pair was photographed out on several dates, both parties denied their relationship.

Two days ago, Jay admitted that he refused to come clean about his love life because he did not want his girlfriend to be disturbed.

During a magazine interview, Jay confessed that the girl he likes must keep a low profile and hoped that they could have a normal relationship away from public scrutiny.

The singer added that his celebrity status was not the reason behind his unwillingness to go public with his relationship.

"I am worried that the girl will be trailed by paparazzi, and there would be people stalking her outside her home. That's why I want to keep a low profile," he said.

Jay emphasised that while he promised that he come clean about his relationship "if there are photographs", the singer still hoped for some privacy when it came to his love life.

"The more you publicise your relationship, the more attention you attract from the paparazzi. It's wrong for me to be high-profile, it's wrong to be low-profile too. So, I'd choose to be low-profile," the singer added.

Jay's blossoming love life had not stalled his career.

Pre-sales for Jay's latest album Exclamation Mark, which will be launched officially today, had already surpassed 60,000 copies three days ago.

Recently, it was reported that fans -- who had pre-ordered the album -- complained that Jay's recording company had done a bad job, because some fans would not be able to get the CD on the official date of launch.

Responding to the report, JVR Music explained that the free gift, which comes with the pre-sale album, is handmade. Thus, the supplier was unable to cope with the high volume of sales.

The company apologised to the fans, adding that they had already requested the supplier to speed up production and aim to deliver the CDs within the next 14 days.

Source: Xin MSN

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