Jay Chou's New Album: Exclamation Mark

Going for his his new album entitled "Exclamation Mark", Jay Chou marked November as the month of his return.

Packed with 11 powerful songs, the whole concept was amazing! Although the 3D idea was cool, I find the first album cover very dull. But now, another album cover was released and it was far better.

I wasn't a fan of his last album "The Era" which has a vampire theme but I find this one worth buying and looking forward to.

I love the song "皮影戏" (Shadow Puppetry) for its different attack to the listeners. It just has this exotic ethnic sound. Also, a great track is "琴伤" (Piano Sadness) which has a rap part and a very dramatic piano parts. Everything was masterfully created.

Overall, the album is great though some songs are predictable. Nonetheless, I find this one a great buy.

My Rating: 9.4/10

Track List:

1) 驚嘆號 Exclamation Mark
2) 迷魂曲 Ecstasy Song
3) Mine Mine
4) 公主病 Princess Syndrome
5) 你好嗎 How Are You?
6) 療傷燒肉粽 Healing Dumplings
7) 琴傷 Piano Sadness
8) 水手怕水 Hydrophobic Sailor
9) 世界未末日 It's Not The End Of The World
10)皮影戲 Shadow Puppetry
11)超跑女神 The Goddess of Race

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