Rainie Yang: No one can predict the future

The Taiwanese singer clarified that she is merely friends with actor Sunny Wang, but kept her options open about future possibilities

Is Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang dating actor Sunny Wang?

According to the Taiwanese media, Rainie was spotted going to the US with Sunny, her junior from the same management agency, last week.

The pair was scheduled to return to Taiwan on Dec 15. However, Rainie returned to Taiwan earlier than expected, to avoid gossips.

At around 10pm on Nov 29, Rainie, decked in a black blouse, thick-framed glasses and without makeup, carried a branded red bag and pushed her luggage out from the custom checkpoint alone.

The singer was swarmed by the media as soon as she appeared, prompting her assistant to rush to her rescue.

The reporters probed if Rainie had fun with Sunny in New York, to which the singer clarified, "I didn't go with him."

Rainie also awkwardly replied 'no', when asked if she was dating the actor.

When reporters pointed out that the couple was spotted holding hands at the airport in Japan, Rainie paused before saying, "No."

The singer then shared about the great times she had with her close friends, after the media questioned further her about her US trip.

When a reporter suddenly asked how her family felt about her dating Sunny, Rainie did not comment, but left for the car immediately.

The next day, Rainie claimed that Sunny was "merely a good friend" but added that "no one can predict the future".

On the other hand, Sunny continues to keep his silence.

In other related news, a website recently started an online poll, voting for the "Rumoured celebrity couple which shocked you the most"; Rainie and Sunny managed to clinch the top spot, with 1,354 votes.

Source: Xin MSN

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